Everything Is Awesome

08 June 2014

On the 6th June 2014, Union Films undertook a challenge never before undertaken at the University of Southampton – to recreate the great British outdoors, indoors. So just how did we do it? With lateral thinking, lots of volunteers and a time lapse video for proof (skip to the bottom for that)! Preparation We gave […]

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Captain America Trailer Competition: The Results

14 March 2014

So today we took yet another leap into the lifetime experiences file marked ‘awesome’. Because today we rewarded several individuals for procrastinating with amazing prizes. Winning everything from exclusive Captain America merchandise, to Union Films Season Passes and the big daddy of them all – a chance for three people to go to the European […]

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Review: Frozen

04 March 2014

I’m going to make my position clear from the outset: I think Frozen is an amazing film. Well told, it will melt the heart of both children and adults and leave a lasting impression on you. Since being released just before Christmas, it has gone on to storm the box office sales and the charts, […]

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Are we done yet?

02 March 2014

So with the Oscars just around the corner, it seemed an apt time to look at some interesting topics surrounding the movies and the event as a whole –  especially when considering Union Films is all about films. Coincidently, this evening we are hosting The Oscars (coverage) in conjunction with the local student pub, The […]

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Creating Magic…

22 February 2014

…or alternatively how Union Films brought you A Day of Disney!  By now you should be fully aware of our, quite frankly, legendary Movie Marathons. If you’re not (and frankly the only excuses are either a) you are not yet of student age or b) you live on another continent) then they are when we […]

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A Night at the Globes

14 January 2014

So the Golden Globes were on Sunday night, did you give it a watch? If, however, you were like me and found yourself otherwise engaged (Sherlock…), here’s a low-down of some of the award recipients of the night: BEST MOTION PICTURE, COMEDY OR MUSICAL American Hustle won this one, and it’s not surprising. With it’s all-star […]

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Refreshments Needed?

06 January 2014

Popcorn, Doritos, drinks bottles, bags of sweets, among the many sounds you will hear in the cinema other than the actual film itself. How did this culture of popcorn eating arise, weren’t films meant to be seen as a form of entertainment? We are being distracted from the actual film by the many varieties of […]

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Best Films of 2013: UF Volunteers’ Top 5

30 December 2013

It’s certainly been a successful first season for the 2013-14 crew at Union Films. So far we’ve survived an intense week of showing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire back to back, both of our Movie Marathons have been sell-outs, and our general season films have been well-received by students. With the year rapidly drawing to a close, I figured […]

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The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey – A technical review

23 December 2012

As some of you may well know I am currently on Holiday in New Zealand and I thought it would be the perfect place to catch the first instalment of the highly anticipated Hobbit trilogy. As much of the Hobbit was shot in the WingNut Films studios in Wellington, which now calls itself ‘the Middle […]

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Long live cinema.

10 December 2012

You may have read my previous post about the death of 35mm film. Cinema is Dead. Here is a bit more information about DCI, what it is and how the future of Cinema is bright, although without some of its former character. DCI consists of two major components, a digital cinema projector and a digital cinema […]

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