Cinema is Dead.

07 December 2012

For over 120 years celluloid has been the standard format for projecting motion pictures. 35mm film has been the principal projection technology since 1889. But in 2009, James Cameron’s Avatar convinced the industry that it was time for an upgrade. Thousands of screens switched to digital projection in preparation for the release. The change has […]

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Movie Soundtracks of the Future

13 October 2012

With the advent of all this new digital way of showing films, and the loss of the classic 35mm film, what will happen to movie soundtracks? Has anyone considered this? I guess you might only consider it if you really care about films, or if you want to write a blog. Well as we all […]

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Union Films – Too Much Awesome?

09 October 2012

Right. I have decided. Union Films is doing too many awesome things. It is becoming a nightmare as a publicity manager to try to tell everyone about all the awesome, all the time. I’m not going to do anything about this state of affairs, mind you. But I reserve the right to be a grumpy […]

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Fresher’s Week Part 1: Move In Weekend

23 September 2012

I am exhausted. I am soaked through, and I am so very proud of Union Films Volunteers. Today, the minions (and certain members of our committee, not to mention our fantastically fearless leader, Rowanna) of Union Films marched around every halls on campus distributing flyers and posters to the new Students at the University of […]

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The Worst Film Title Change Ever

05 March 2012

Imagine it’s Christmas 2012, in a parallel universe where DVD categorisation means nothing to me and I can group films together according to logic rather than alphabet (like actually being able to put Batman Begins and The Dark Knight together). Parallel Me has just received all the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on DVD […]

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A Reflection on the 84th Academy Awards

02 March 2012

If you ask any of my friends and family, they will tell you how unbearable I am on the day of the Academy Awards. I love the celebration of cinema and stay up until 5am every year to watch the star-studded ceremony. I struggled to stay awake during my lectures on Monday, but it was […]

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The name’s Blog. Bond Blog.

02 March 2012

For those of you that we have yet to reach with our posters, EPIC trailer (see the end of this blog if you somehow missed it) and all round Bond related awareness campaign it is nearly time for Union Films next big event: The James Bond All-nighter . On March 10th at 6pm the doors […]

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Bond Season – Joe Don Baker: A case of split personality…

23 February 2012

When I was a younger man with less of a bald spot, my Dad and I watched TV a lot together. Due South was a firm favourite, but we also would allow ourselves to get sidetracked from whatever it was we were doing if Bond happened to be showing on the telly; an archaic mysoginyst […]

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Bond Season – Walter Gotell: A German Jew who played Russians and Nazis

11 February 2012

In a series of pieces, I am trying to encourage other Union Films Bloggers to write about a minor actor they find interesting in the Bond franchise. Among the minor actors that grace the Bond franchise from time to time, one name in my family is well known: that of Walter Gotell, my Great Uncle-in-law […]

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Sarah’s Key (2010): An honest depiction of the past?

10 February 2012

Countless films have been made on the subject of the Holocaust and the effect of the Second World War on Europe. Few, however, strike a deeply emotional cord or can be said to be carefully accurate in regard to the events that took place at the time. Elle S’appellait Sarah (Sarah’s Key), a 2010 film […]

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